Family O'Clogs

Here we are, 6 pairs of Fibertrend Felted Clogs downstairs drying. Weeee! I made a pair for my immediate family (mom, dad, 2 brothers, 2 cousins who live with my parents, and my nana–also lives with my parents). There’s a pair missing here. I still have knit a pair for one of my brothers, but he’s in Jackson Hole and I"m not gonna mail them out til the day after Xmas.
These were super easy to knit and really really fast! I can do a pair from start to finish in a day now. And the felting process was fun.:yay:

Here’s a before:

And an after:

And a side by side comparison for scale:

Hooray! Now I’e just gotta brave the mall tomorrow to get the gift cards that go with all these clogs :shudder: :ick:

Job well done Hama!

You have been busy. They look great.

wow!!!:passedout: you have been very busy…everything looks great!

:happydance: Great job!!! They will love them!!

They all look great!:thumbsup:

Wow… those look really comfy… I think one of my LYS’s has that pattern. I’ll give that one a try. Yours came out really nice!!

Wow, good job. Good luck with the mall, you’re braver than I :stuck_out_tongue:

Hama, it’s so cool that you made some for (almost) everyone! Where are yours?:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d do backflips if someone knitted a pair for me.

They all look great.

That is just way cool!! They all look gorgeous! I can’t wait to start a pair for me!

they look great!

What a nice person you are! They all look great. :thumbsup: My hands get tired working with the big needles :waah: I have a pair on the needles for a friend of mine. I’m thinking she won’t get them for Christmas, maybe a few days after.

They look SO good! I love this gift idea, everyone will love them. They look so professional. They remind me of the Haflinger clog slippers we sold at the shoe store I worked at- which everone loved!

They are all lovely. Great job and you finished just in time too :slight_smile:

You have been busy! They look wonderful!:yay:

WOW! Great job!

Wow, those are awesome! What great gifts. I have the yarn & pattern for these – just need to sit down and knit them. You may have inspired me to do just that!

Wow! Great job.

Oh man! I tried them all on while I was sizing them and they’re soooo comfy. I am absolutely making myself a apir out of the left over yarn!!:cheering: