Familiar with Simply Soft colors?

I want to do a sweater in the ‘jewel’ tones…hunter, navy, burgundy. Would the SS’ Dk Sage, Raspberry and Dk Country Blue work? Really difficult to gauge color values online.



Yeah, I think they go together. I’ve had just about every Simply Soft color there is.

Thanks. I recently did a sweater for my Dad in the Autumn Red…great color but seems too ‘warm’ to work with the Sage and Cty Blue (both of which seem black-based). Also finished one last week for a friend in the Heather Grey and liked that so much I bought more for myself.


I know. I really like the Heather grey color, too.

I used the Heather Gray to make socks for my dad. They turned out great!

Dk Country Blue isn’t even close to navy, but it’s a nice, rich color. Dk Sage is too; you could probably call it hunter green.


Thanks suzeeq. The sweater is for my Mom, who indicated she wanted a navy that wasn’t too dark…so sounds like this would work.