False English Rib

Hello you clever people
I have a pattern for a hat and it is done in False English Rib on circular needles. I’ve never heard of that stitch- I’ve looked up a video on how to do it, but it’s demonstrated in continental style (I can only knit English style)and there’s no sound on the video and I’m struggling to work out what she’s doing!
Anyone out there who can tell me how to do it - in the round, English style?
Thank you so much

Probably the Drops video. They’re for an international audience so no sound. It is a difficult video to follow because of the particular continental purl used.
It may be easier to read the text below to figure out the stitch. Basically it’s a repeat of rows 1 and 2, a kind of brioche stitch.
Row 1 (K1, yo, slip 1)
Row 2 (P, k2tog)

I always like to know what stitch from the previous row I’ll be working into. It keeps me on track.
For row 1 you are knitting into the purl stitch of the previous row, yarn over, then slip the knit stitch from the previous row.
For row 2 purl the knit stitch from the previous row, knit the yo and slip stitch together.

There are other ways to work this stitch.

Usually these patterns start off with a simple k1p1 rib to begin. What is the name of your pattern?

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Hello - yes it was the Drops video

Your written description it’s so helpful thank you so much. The pattern is called ‘Just a Hat’ - it’s on Ravelry

Here’s the link


You have been great already- thank you so much

Thanks so much for the link. The pattern actually defines false english rib according to the designer as a staggered rib. See the top of page 2. Probably best to follow her design.
So not as fancy as the Drops video but it makes a lovely hat.

Ah - thank you for all your help and for taking the time to check out the pattern link etc - I really appreciate it. Happy knitting :blush:x