Fallingblox's double knitting books

Since I borrowed his pinch/punch block idea for a chart and have been wanting the books for the double knitting cable patterns anyway I bought everything Fallingblox (Alasdair Post-Quinn) has printed. His Parallax scarfs aren’t an exact match but I should have enough yarn left that one would be a match for the hat I’m making.

If you like double knitting I recommend them. He says Double or Nothing is for more advanced and Extreme Double-Knitting covers beginner better. I think Double or Nothing covers beginners enough if that one had the cabled hat pattern a beginner wanted and they only had $17 they could fill in whatever is left out with free beginner patterns and get by with just that book.

Main differences I see is Extreme Double-Knitting covers 2 pattern (i.e., words on both sides) and 3 or more color. Double or Nothing is more into textures and more complete.
Even the Parallax patterns cover the basics.

What makes me happy is a double knitting long-tail-ish cast on that won’t have the too short of a tail problem. The hats and maybe some scarves are the only patterns in them that interest me.

Double knitted cabled hats, double knitted entrelac hat. Looks like I’ll be on a DK hat kick for quite a while.

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You are the king of double knitting!!

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Thanks, but Fallingblox really is. I was just on the Ravelry group when he was coming up with this stuff. I talked about the possibility of cables, he actually came up with a way to do it with what seems to be much less difficulty (I’m still trying to wrap my head around it).
Too bad I was away from knitting when he was beta testing the patterns.

This is surprisingly easy. It’s been a case of everyone over thinking, including Fallingblox in his first book.
The cast on is also so easy I was willing to do swatches.

Definitely recommend Double or Nothing.

DK cable

Very neat, both cast on and cables. I think Fallingblox missed out on having you in for the beta tests, too. Can’t wait to see this hat.

Thanks. It might be a while before I start a pattern from the books. I’ve got socks and a hat going, both in fingering.

But I might be throwing in a cable row on the next pair of socks.