Falling leaves poncho...best yarn?

Any suggestions for what kind of yarn to use for the falling leaves poncho?

I don’t spend much time in yarn stores, so I don’t really know what to look for. I would like to find something in a veregated/space dyed variety. I don’t know if crimped yarn would work well for the pattern, and it needs to be something spun evenly. Those are the main requirements, I don’t care about material, as long as it’s nice and not all acrylic! Thanks!

You’re looking for something bulky weight. If you go to a yarn shop and ask to see their bulky weight yarns, you should be able to get an idea there. I would look for wool, wool blends, silk, or silk blends. You could also do alpaca or mohair. You want to avoid anything fuzzy or textured, as the stitch pattern needs to shine through. And I would avoid cottons, as they would be too heavy and stretch the poncho out of shape too quickly.