Fall Poncho and Felted tote

I had been wanting to play with multiple fibers in one project so decided to throw all these wonder fall colors into this poncho. I love how it came out and am dying to make one with black and jewel tones!

A closeup of the stitches

And this is a felted tote I made to use as a project bag … all from scraps! It’s a little short, but I ran out of yarn! LOL


(Ugh! I guess I don’t know how to post the pics big enough to see - can someone help?) or you can go to my website …

:yay: Great work, Wanda! I wanna see the closeups!!!

I’d like to see them larger, too. On Flikr click the link that says “more sizes” or something like that and then copy the URL. Like the screenshot.

I took a peak at your blog and you make really pretty things!

Wanda, I checked out the closeups on your blog too and they both look fantastic! All of your projects are so fun and colorful! I love that black and pink purse too! :inlove:

Thanks everyone! and thanks Jan!!! Your instructions worked!!! Brandilyne, I love that black and pink purse too … that was my DD’s request. Now I want to make me one! LOL

I love the poncho…

What glorious colors.

I never thought of mixing types of yarns before.

The costs of some of these natural fibers are so high the very thought of trying to do a full project with one is daunting. But if I tried your way it might work - thanks!

I generally don’t like the looks of poncho’s. But your poncho is so pretty. I would wear that one in a heartbeat. Oh wow is it pretty, I love the color combinations and the way the texture changes with the different yarns. You truely are talented. Thanks for sharing, Dottie

They are both lovely!

Thank you so much! I love the poncho too, but didn’t know if others would. I had all of those odd balls in my stash and combining them was so much fun! I had started collecting odd balls when I found them on sale/clearance and loved them but didn’t have a clue what I could or wanted to do with them. When I started seeing projects like this, I knew. Of course that just gave me permission to enlarge my stash and keep buying … LOL

PS - what I did with the poncho is just take random lengths and tie them together (in the same striping sequence though) and wound the ball on my ball winder. I’ll tell you it was pure pleasure … only one thing better! :smiley:

That looks great!

Wow! What a beautiful poncho. I’ve been wanting to make one for this fall, and I want it to look just like yours! Thanks for posting.

:heart: Wow! Beautiful work. Poncho is gorgeous and the purse is fabulous! :thumbsup:

Very nice on both counts!

Love the colors…great job :happydance:

Love your projects!! What a clever and daring use of yarn on the poncho, and the result is fantastic. That would be so fun to wear!