Fall Knitty is here!

Just wanted to let everyone know. :cheering: :muah:


Here’s the link…

I’m loving the socks and the baby blanket!! Very cool indeed!

Yup… My soon to be born little one positively [B]needs[/B] that blanket in green and white. LOL The cabled sweater is beautiful also.:inlove:

I like the looks of Anne Shirley, especially the greens that were used!

Again, as is my usual opinion, I think there’s too many sock and accessory patterns. I like twist and shout, but I would need to do some adjusting to fit my ample boobage. I also like the idea of versitility, but, again… boobage…

Nuthin’ there for me again. :shrug: I agree on the too many socks and accessory assessment.

I like the Abrazo vest. Thanks for the heads up!

I really like mangyle – just need to think about who to knit it for.

I like Camden. There is always at least one thing that I like each time Knitty comes out. However, I guess that I have never liked anything enough to actually make it.

Aw, I love the Oncleows!

I think there’s a good variety of patterns; several socks, yes, but also, scarf/stoles, kid/baby and sweater patterns.

Retrofit and Slither are the only ones that really jump out for me…but I do like them alot…

Oh crikey! I don’t need to see this [I]now[/I]!

[I]clickety click[/I]

Thanks for the heads up! I see quite a bit I like but may never knit. I may actually try the Abrazo for me and possibly the Morgan cap for a gift.


I really like the Sidewinder skirt, but I will never make it-at least for myself. Wide hips and a knit skirt are not a good combo. Sigh. :pout:
I like the baby blanket but I wonder if that optical illusion thing would make a baby dizzy–maybe that’s how you get 'em to sleep. :teehee:

I like the sock patterns and some of the cardigans. I ended up downloading about half the patterns, but will probably only end up making some of the socks.

they did have a pattern for a wrap tank top, in archives, for people with ample boobage. I thought about making one for my sister. My sister is more of the big girl variety, wheras i have boobage, but more like moderate than ample. below is a link to the pattern, which actually looks pretty cool

also, for a nice top for a cool fall day maybe you could try sprout, a ribbon longsleeve knit top made for different sizes (also from archives)

I immediately queued Hermia, Slither (for my daughter), maple (for me, i love leaves), and OpArt.

My queue is so long now, I cannot ever die. :cool:

My queue is mainly a shaw version of Waves of Grain. My mom grew up in W KS, and loves wheat. LOL I can understand why. I’m thinking of using Knitpicks Shimmer hand dyed in Spice. :smiley: