Fall Knitting?

Hi to all, been awhile since I last posted, just wondering what everyone is knitting this fall? Looking for some inspiration:grphug:


hi rhy: am new at knitting and am knitting bennie for my boys mittens and scarfs. Well also try socks but i dont know!!! what r you knitting?

  1. finishing up the weasley sweater
  2. irish hiking scarf
  3. dishcloth
  4. shawl w/ chenille thick and quick.

and yes, i’ve got them all going currently :slight_smile:

Fingerless mittens for Christmas gifts
A sweater

The Cambridge Jacket from Last years Interweave Knits for my brother. and finishing of a shawl that i’m making for my grandmother

scarves for my sisters from victorian lace today – one down 2 to go.

Just finished a matching hat and scarf for my 6yo son. Finished a scarf in Gryffindor colors for 8yo dd, and have a hat on the near horizon to match. Also finished (in one day, I was so proud…or useless, I’m not sure which) an earwarmer/headband with my very first cables. Woo hoo! I’m going to the lys on Wed night to learn socks, so I’m sure there will be lots of those in my future, and I’m itching to go shopping for supplies for my very first sweater…which will be for my enthusiastic, easy-to-please, and very very forgiving dh.

Still working on that shrug to match my summer top. Will start ballet camisole very soon. Also will start on a lace wrap for my mother.

I’m actually working on only two projects right now - a Clapotis to give to my sister as a Christmas gift and the Cherie Amour sweater from the new Fall Knitty. I’m kinda selfishly keeping that one. :stuck_out_tongue: