Fall Issue of Interweave Knits?

Hi’ya! :waving:

I received an email that says the Fall Issue of Interweave Knits goes on sale August 14th.

However, I subscribe…and I have not received my Fall Issue! Have you?

Have any other [B]subscribers [/B]received their Fall Issue?

Does anyone know: shouldn’t subscribers receive their issues [U]previous to[/U] the “over the counter” sales release???

This is the cover:

i subscribe. haven’t gotten it either. i agree though, that if you do have a subscription, you should get it before it is available on the newstands.:??

Thanks Jeani! :waving: I am always concerned about my mail! I have a mail carrier who is notorious for leaving my mail at two other addresses…two other homes have my [B]same[/B] [B]house number[/B], but one is a street behind me, and the other is two streets in front of me. (Even UPS and FedEx pull the same thing occasionally) I get their stuff, they get mine. We are not rural here. These are straight city streets, clearly marked, and the houses are not in hiding…and the mail boxes are on the curb! :wall:

Nope, not here yet either.

:wall:we must have the same mail person!
we keep getting some guys mail. we live on 10th, he lives on 9th. umm… [SIZE=3][B]10th [/B][/SIZE][SIZE=2]is not the same as [/SIZE][SIZE=3][B]9th :??[/B][/SIZE]

I don’t know that you’d be getting the issue 3 weeks before newstand dates though, regardless of mail service. I’d hang tight for a week or so…

I haven’t gotten mine. Thankfully my mail carrier is great! The only thing I don’t get is vet reminders and I am starting to think that is a problem with the vet’s office.

Thanks All! :waving:

I am relieved that my issue isn’t languishing in a vacationing neighbor’s mailbox!

It really looks as though this will be a STELLAR ISSUE! :woohoo:

Nah - I don’t have a subscription. It’s cheaper for me get it retail since I can use coupons. :thumbsup: Can’t wait for August 14.

Sheesh - It feels like it’s been YEARS since the last issue!! :tap:

I’m sure that’s just my 'maginationZ though… :oops:

You can go on the interweave knits website and check on your subscription. It’ll tell you when the next issue is due to ship or when it did ship.

My fall issue just shipped on July 24th so it should be here very soon! :woohoo:

Hi Silver! :waving:

I didn’t know that! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INFO!!!
I will drag out my Summer or Spring issues…and look for my sub number…I am assuming we need to have our subscription info for the search! THANKS AGAIN!!! :muah:

Oh My!

I am head over heels for this sweater!



I can’t wait to :knitting:it!

Hi’ya! :wink:

You will have a lot of fun with the Dickinson! I am on my last piece for the KHAKI CABLES cardigan! [B]It has been fun to do![/B] I am knitting it in a pure white cable cotton. Woulda liked to have finished it by June 22…but alas…it didn’t work out like that!

Here is a photo of the model sweater, in the khaki color.