Fall in Love Pattern - help needed!

Hey guys,
I hope someone can help me with stitch count.

have CO 188 sts+ 2 more Set Up rows;

next row leaves me with 208 sts:

K11, slm, p3, BKC, *p6, BKC; rep from * 5times, pm, p3, BKC,
*p6, BKC; rep from *11 times p3, pm p3, BKC, *p6, BKC; rep from
*5times slm, k11.

what am I doing wrong?

What does BKC mean???


it means back cross knitting:
Sl 1 st to dpn and hold in back, k2, then p1 from dpn.

so basically it gives 2sts to knit

I get 208sts too. This row takes 208 sts to knit and leaves you with 208.

Are there any increases in the rows before this row? Maybe there’s an error in the cast on number given in the pattern?

Can you give us a link to the pattern? I couldn’t find it under “Fall in Love”.

Thank you for your help! No increases there. I’ll confirm this with the designer :slight_smile:

You can check the comments on Ravelry and a note to the designer would be a good idea too.

great idea, thanks!
posted a note on Ravelry :blush:

By my count those instructions require 232 stitches. If the BKC is 3 sts. Clearly this pattern does not add up. I will try a search.

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Thanks, Jack. I assumed this was a simple 2stitch twist and added up the row that way. That was before I saw Julls’s post with the definition. You’re right, a 3stitch cross bumps the count up to 232.

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Well drat. I was hoping I was wrong. And my search only got me to a malicious site.