Fake Isle Hat (Nov Magknits)

I’m working on the Fake Isle Hat from the Nov. issue of Magknits. It has a couple of black stripes in it, then some Fair Isle stuff. Now, never having done “real” fair isle before, I’m concerned about the pattern not lining up at the end of the round. Can I use the jogless jog to make it work? I know I can use that for the stripe, but what about the charted pattern? :??

Here’s the link to the hat…


I made this hat (twice), and I did the jogless jog (j.j.) when I was working an entire row in color. I grew confused when I tried to think about it in relation to the pattern, though, so I just resigned myself to a pattern that’s a little bit off. I couldn’t figure out, where a pattern was changing, what color I wanted to come to the fore. And when you get around to the second row, where you do the j.j. magic, the color you’re knitting that stitch with might or might not be the color of the first stitch at the change.
And the change in a pattern happens pretty much every row.

All the instructions I’ve read for j.j. seem to assume a solid color change, so I’m not sure it’s meant for pattern work.

Does anyone else know an answer to this one? I’d be very pleased to find I’m wrong.

Thanks…I love the concept of this hat, and right now I’m making one with an “off” pattern until I figure out what to do. With Noro Kureyon and black yarn, it isn’t so noticeable…but I want to make another with a cream colored yarn as the pattern color and think that a pattern that doesn’t connect won’t work with that color.

OMG i lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve that hat!!! I have some noro and some LP lef over, too, so i can start it right away!! !YIPPEE!!!