Fake Double-Knit hat

Finished this hat while I was visiting HILDIE’S HOUSE today! For DH…Plymouth Encore worsted wt. No real pattern, just kinda went off one I made before. CO provisionally, knit hat in one direction, picked up prov CO sts, knit the hat in the opposite direction with a P, K, and P row in between.

LOL!!! GREAT hat! Does “someone” like to hide under there???

“Someone” got the hat plopped on his head without his permission. :shifty:

Looks great! Hope it fits Al better than Howie!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: Looks great on Howie! :thumbsup:

I made a fake double knit hat for my BIL for Christmas in almost the exact same colors and stripe patterns! I forgot to take a picture though :doh: . Very nice, KK!! :thumbsup:


I just washed the hat…it is SOOOOOOO soft! Al said “I LOVE my hat! You’re the BEST, Baby!” :heart: :heart: :heart:

did you take a picture of it on him, hmmmmmmm???

[size=2](who put that hat on howie?? :angelgrin: )[/size]

Oh those are GREAT!!! :thumbsup:

Thanks, Crystal!

(THOSE? Its one reversible hat! :lol: )

The hat looks great. What is fake knit?

I call it a fake double-knit hat because I didnt use the double-knitting tehnique, but its still double-thick. :thumbsup:

Ok, I guess that’s one of the things on my LoNg list I will have to learn :XX:

did you sew them together at the crown or something so they don’t come apart? I think you should make a smaller one for Howie :happydance:

I kinda use the tails of each hat to attach them a bit. Id have to make ear holes for Howie’s! :roflhard:

:rofling: :roflhard:

:thumbsup: cool, Kelly! I wish I could figure out how you did that-my kids would love that magic hat :smiley:

I cast on provisionally, knit the hat in one direction, then picked up the provisional sts and knit the same hat in the opposite direction with opposite colors.

Is this the same thing Ingrid did with her dk hat?