Fake cable help

I’m making some lace gauntlets and it has a stitch which I’ve never done before.
"Slip 3rd st on left needle over the top of 2 in front. K1, yo, k1"
I understand the k1,yo k1. I don’t know where the 3rd stitch is supposed to wind up though. Does it go on the right needle or do I just let it fall off the needle after having passed it over the 2 in front? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Can you post a pattern link?

Unfortunately I can’t. The site no longer exists. I printed the pattern a few years ago

Slip the 3rd stitch off the needle (a decrease). That’ll end up looking like a strand of yarn crossing in front of the first 2sts. When you do the yarn over, it’ll increase one and bring your stitch count back to the original number.

Thank you!