Faire isle knitting pattern wanted


i am looking for a really easy faire isle knitting pattern to learn on. i think i have the basic idea of what to do (have to practice it now :happydance: ) just need an easy pattern.

i’m wanting to make something for a newborn to 6 month old or an older toddler pattern if anyone knows of anything that is ish quick and easy to do.

thanks for any ideas


Hi. This question has been asked several times in the last couple of months here. I did a search for “easy fair isle” here and found these links:




Hope this helps.

Here is a very simple pattern called [color=orange]In the Pines Headband[/color]. Scroll down to the December 12 entry.

Good luck!

thank you so much for the patterns, i’m going to do the baby hat pattern when i’ve finished the blanket i’m working on

thanks so much again