Faire Isle is

Easy! Holy crap, when I decided to try it out for the first time tonight, I really that it was going to be complicated and wouldn’t be able to do it. But boy was I wrong!! I was shocked at how easy it is. All you really have to remember is to carry your yarn on the wrong side of the work and it’s simple from there. And this is from someone who’s read one article on it! And that was at least three weeks ago now!! I amazed myself lol. Anyway, I just wanted to share that, because I was really excited about it. Ya’ll let me know your thoughts on it!! :slight_smile:

Yup…kind of like cables it’s much easier than it looks and so impressive! :thumbsup:

How are you doing it… with the yarns in one hand or two handed? I do it two handed.

I’m so glad the ending for your title is “Easy”. Fair isle great fun to do and I find the rows fly by with the color changes.
Jan, I’m impressed. Even as a lefty knitting right-handed, I’ve never managed fair isle with two hands.

I guess I do it one handed. When I’m done with one color, I drop the yarn that I was working with and pick up the other. I’m making my dog a little sweater out of my head, and I’m putting a little fair isle snowflake on it. I’ll post a pick when I get it on and show ya’ll how I did. :slight_smile:

One handed here also. Not coordinated enough to do it with two hands. I admire anyone who can. I just saw a knitting hint about Fair isle last night. Can’t remember where it was. They said you are to spread the stitches out on the needle before each color change. This is supposed to help so your work doesn’t pucker. The spread stitches give looser strands in the back. I will try this hint and see how it works out.

Congrats! I always thought it was going to be really hard too, so I haven’t attempted it yet. One day I will though. I can’t wait to see your FO.

Yeah, definitely spread your stitches out. I still have to really concentrate to make it loose enough.

Here’s the video that helped me learn two handed fair isle.

I had the same experience. I thought it would be really hard and it totally wasn’t. I do it two handed. I actually learned continental just so I could do it this way. I don’t think I could do it with one hand. I would say that about 50% of the work I do now is fair isle.

i cannot figure the best way to cross the free thread, the one i am carrying behind. please help.

thanks polly

The video I posted explains how to do it.

What kind of knitter are you? English style or Continental?

I’ve watched this video many times now, thanks for reminding me. I just think it’s great and I definitely expect to learn 2h fair isle using her video.