Fair trade vs. local yarn

I know the simplicity movement is, well, big enough to be a movement, and I’ve done a little reading on it. I’ve been admonished to buy my groceries organic and local. On the other hand, this fair trade thing is pretty big, too. Now, I don’t know where y’all live, but the stuff that’s fair trade isn’t exactly local for me.

How’s a knitter to sort this out? Should I support the fiber artists in Nepal (who, it must be said, make some cool yak yarn) or the sheep farmer down the road? Do I use my buying power to doom the sari silk spinners or the tree frogs that bear the environmental cost of transporting the sari silk yarn?

Why pick? Buy it all. :shifty:

Seriously, though. You’ll be doing good wherever you spend your money, why not spread it around? All of those yarns would be meeting different knitting needs, too, which gives you variety. :shrug:

I tend to do a little of both. I’m really big on supporting local business, and I have an amaaazing yarn shop near me that, while I could buy the yarn cheaper online and stuff, they do so much for me that I’d rather spend more to buy there. They’ve helped me countless times when I wasn’t even taking lessons (actually that’s why I began taking lessons a couple weeks ago), the knitting teacher has invited me over to her house and we just had fun chat knitting time and she ended up helping me a ton. They’ll hold back yarn if you can’t afford all of it for your project, they’ll help you pick out projects and yarns and help you all the time. They provide so much, that I’d rather pay a little more.

Still, I like to support global causes as well. I think it’s a balance, but I tend not to buy as much yarn from online conglomorates when I could support a cause as well as my yarn addiction. :slight_smile:

I think you can’t go wrong with either option, really. Either way, you’re supporting someone who is deserving and feeding into a local economy (it just may not be local to where you are!).

Yep–I agree, your money’s well-spent either way.

I’d do them all too.

Do you have websites that you could share?

Mango Moon is carried by one of my LYSs- they’re the ones with the yak yarn, as well as some other cool yarns. (The Bumble Bee is fun and quirky. :wink: ) Manos del Uruguay is easier to find. There’s also Frog Tree and a gagillion different places to buy recycled sari silk yarn. Google it. Trust me.

Lantern Moon has needles and things.