Fair Price on Yarns?

A lady in the local area has had the misfortune of her mother passing. She is selling all of her mother’s untouched yarns on kijiji and I’m supposed to go over and look through on Saturday.

She’s not very well acquainted with yarn crafts and pretty much gave me the same list of:

“Mohair,Phentex,Shetland Wool,Harris Tweed,Truro Yarn, the Briggs & Little”

when I asked what she had. The Phentex and Mohair I’m going to turn down as I can easily get either here.

Here’s a picture of some of the yarns she has in.

What would be a fair amount for any of these yarns you might recognize? I’m on a limited spending budget, but want to give her fair pay for her yarn.

As I can’t really tell what’s in the pictures, I’m looking to try anything not mohair, “fun” yarn or acrylic. So if you recognize something that is angora or bamboo or something, please, let me know which it is and how much would be a fair offer.

From what I can see, there are some nice yarns there. The Bernats and any other acrylics are relatively inexpensive and readily available.
I think I’d look on line to get an idea of the prices the yarns go for now and maybe work out a percentage of that.
www.yardex.com might be a good place to look for several of them.

That’s so funny! I posted the exact same thing down in the Sale/Trade board LOL

Wasn’t she just the nicest lady? Did you talk to you on the phone? Did she keep you on the phone forever? LOL

I was supposed to go have a look yesterday, but dh had to work and I didn’t want to bring the baby with me, since he’s into everything.

I know we haven’t met before or anything, but would you want to meet up and have a look together, maybe? We could give each other second opinions on pricing in real time.

After further thought, I just wanted to say that I’m not some wierd yarn stalker :roflhard: Feel free to say no, no hard feelings :mrgreen:

Oh, Cathey was delightfully nice. I didn’t stay on the phone too long with her since I called her a little before I had to run out to meet up with my boyfriend (who called during the call). But yes, she is REALLY chatty, isn’t she?

I’m going over to meet her on Saturday after 3 (I was thinking I’d go around four). I’m bringing a friend of mine with me. If you wanted to come with us, Angie, feel free to email me at king.cheetah@gmail.com to let me know. :3

And Ingrid? I don’t KNOW what most of the other yarns are, unfortunately. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s part of why I posted here, I hoped people would recognize them. Like that lovely darker blue on the left of the picture …

That sounds great! I’ll email you sometime on Friday, once I know what time we’re going to the inlaw’s for dinner.

She was super nice and very chatty. I think I was on the phone with her for a good half hour LOL

I wanna know more about that lilac & cream in the boxes on the right :smiley: