Fair Isle

O.K…now I am ready (I think) to try something different…looked thru video’s (posted on this site) and watched Amy…I need to know: how to read a chart, is it left to right? Do patterns usually tell you what each block is? How many sts per block? what the symbols represent? Etc…anyone have a “beginner” site on this…Wish me luck!!! I also checked our “Pattern Central” and watched a fair isle video…but I need the basics Thanks alot


Fair Isle charts are read right to left on the right side, and left to right on the wrong side. If you’re knitting in the round, though, then every row is read from right to left since you’re always knitting on the right side.

Each block represents one stitch. A chart will either be in color or will have symbols to represent the colors–with a key. Sometimes it helps to color the chart or the key to make it easier to follow–at least until the pattern establishes itself.

Keep your stitches stretched out on the right needle to prevent puckering, and be consistent with your colors–keep the background color as your top yarn and the contrasting color as your bottom yarn. What that means is that when you have two colors traveling across the back, one will be over the other–horizontally. Just try to keep them that way so you don’t end up untwisting yarn later on.

Ingrid, I still don’t understand what it means to have one color “on top of” the other although I have read numerous sources that say this. does that mean the background color is in front of (closer to my needles than) the other color, which would be behind it? I have knit several small fair isle items and still haven’t figured it out!! I have learned that I am supposed to hold the background color in my right hand, but I still am not sure why!

Cheley, if you want an easy first project try the easy fair isle hat on kinttingpatterncentral.com. It doesn’t have much actual fair isle in it and is pretty cute, so if you are worried about biting off more than you can chew, start with that. You will soon find it is not that complicated and want more challenging projects! The fair isle hat on the same site looks complicated but really isn’t very hard. I would use dk weight yarn and size 4 needles instead of what they recommend.

Also, look at the video on the philosopher wool web site: http://www.philosopherswool.com/Pages/Streamingvideo.htm

it really helped me learn how to weave in the other strand!

Here is another video that might help. It’s where I learned to do fair isle.

Two handed fair isle video. You’ll need IE to view it.

Thanks ladies…I knew I could count on yuns!!! (as my grandmother from PA would say)!!! Cheley

Having one on top of the other is kind of like this:

[/color] as they go across the back.

They say to have the contrasting color below the main color because it has to travel a bit further and therefore is more noticeable.

See, THAT makes sense! Thank you! :notworthy: