Fair isle

I have a pattern that tells me to use 2 colors ( red & blue ) and ti knit a rib k2 p2 with these 2 colors in a checker board design. When I do this you can see (on the right side of sweater) each color change on the purl rows and it look terriible. The purls don’t even look like checker board. How can I do this without seeing each color change on the right side. :?? :??

When I do two color ribbing, I knit the first stitches of the color change rather than switch from knit to purl on those rows. It doesn’t make any noticeable difference in the ribbing and the color changes look so much better!

Knit the first row of the new color. On the second and following rows, go back to the k2 p2 (or whatever) ribbing pattern. You won’t get the color nubs that peek through on the purl stitches. And, surprisingly, the ribbing texture looks great.