Fair Isle

Now I made my first hat, my eyes are wandering to fair isle. Am I crazy!? I found a hat on ravelry called Nordic Hat by Patons. I will be using burgundy and yellow I think. I have some leftover and hoping it would work. It is from those big skeins you get at Walmart for $10.

Anyhow, burgundy would be colour A and yellow colour B. Following the chart, the key shows with white sq contrast is B. So am I right thinking rows 1&2 begin
1st st y, then next st b, and 3rd row all y but last st?

She also mentions colours are never twistd around one another. So does one always go over or under the other?

You tube videos for sure!

From what I know, one color always go over or under the other, otherwise your pattern will end up kind of twisted and wavy. (that can also be caused by pulling the floats too tight, so make sure to give them their space).
However, I did hear of a method where you constantly switch the color that goes over the other or something similar… Don’t mind that now though. My aunt told me about it and I still haven’t found it on the internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk about the first questions though, sorry. I’m not really fluent with the whole letters thing. I just follow the chart.

Well…you’re going to laugh, but I learned fair isle on a hat. I seem to be popping in everywhere don’t I? :joy:

Anyway…I would suggest starting with just a small bit of fair isle on a hat…like around the hat band area. Like these preemie hats I made. The MRI hat is also done with fair isle.
The only reason I suggest starting with a small bit is to get the technique down. You don’t want to do an entire hat and then find the floats are so tight it won’t lay flat. Or maybe you do…you can call it a design feature. :grin:

So do you have a link to this pattern? And no you don’t usually twist colors around each other… huh? Maybe I’m just misunderstanding. If I can see the pattern…

Thank you! Will be a challenge :grinning:

Always love hearing from you!
I don’t know how to show a link. If you go to ravelry
And search nordic hat by patons you will
See a burgundy hat with a yellow design.
Or teach me how to do a link. :blush:

You don’t have to do anything special. Just copy the link and paste it into your message. I looked on Ravelry, but there are 6 pages of nordic hats.


Oh that’s pretty! Not too complicated either. I think I want to make that one, too!

If you want the colors different you can make your own chart if following it as is is too hard right now.

What they are talking about with the no twisting is catching the floats. There’s another thread or two recently where there are links about catching floats.

Was I right about reading the colors for the charts?

As long as you cast on the same number it will be every other stitch changes color. On row 3 the last stitch in the repeat is the alternate color. If you look at the hat you can see where that one stitch is at the bottom corners of the triangle.

A tip is to stop every few stitches and stretch the work a bit to make sure the floats aren’t too tight.

Thanks! I will remember that.

Thanks Jan. Can’t wait to get my needles!

Getting my needles this week. The yarn store called. They are in. Will remember your hint…and remember you suggested teal with my dark purple? I am making the striped hat and I love the colours. Thanks Evie!

I was at my knitting group tonight and wanted to start the hat, but realized I had the wrong weight yarn. Boo. Will have to see if I have some in my stash.

I just made my first fair isle hat! They’re not too hard at all, but the one thing it did teach me is that my left hand is very weak. There are 3 main ways of holding the yarn in fair isle - one strand in each hand, both strands in your right hand, and holding each strand in turn. The last method is the easiest, but also the slowest - you have to keep picking up the yarn, and making sure it’s over or under in the right way. (Tip: if your yarn is entwining, just swap which sides of you the yarn is sitting, eg one on the left, the other on the right.) However, I finished my hat quite quickly in the picking up yarn method, so it can be done. However, I found my left hand just wasn’t strong enough to keep any kind of tension in the knitting, which was pretty frustrating. Do you know which method you plan to use? You Tube has plenty of videos for all the methods - fair isle knitting is a form of stranded knitting, btw, so thats another search term you can use.

Thank you for your thorough reply! For sure I will be
Doing the pick up each strand in turn method. That is how
i do it in double knitting. Never thought of checking out stranded knitting.
Will do that for sure.

Oh my! :slight_smile: That make the 1x1 knit x purl DK often is sound worse. At least with colorwork you get a break from the other strand.

Yay! Good for you! It takes practice to learn to use the non dominant hand. I’m primarily and english method knitter, but I taught myself continental with a 1x1 ribbed scarf. Because of that I was able to learn two handed fair isle which works the best for me. :slight_smile:

Oh but I love watching the designs take shape. Still a star eyed rookie. :smile: