Fair Isle vs. Jacquard on the Machine

I’ve been doing some research, and I’m wondering if anyone can tell me the technical difference(s) between Fair Isle and Jacquard patterns form a machine knitting point of view. Thanks you!

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I don’t do machine knitting but I found this article which may help.

To be honest, from a machine knitting perspective there’s not much difference between how the two techniques are performed, as both result in floats.

That said, machine knit “jacquard” fabrics done on a flatbed machine without a ribber attachment are technically fair isle but tend to look much more alike on both the front and back sides than a standard fair isle pattern, but have a much shorter float on the purl side than fair isles.

Jacquards done with a ribbing attachment have the floats hidden inside, and are technically knit in the round on the machine, and these fabrics are truly reversible.

If you’re interested in doing either on a machine: It’s much less labor intensive to work these fabrics on an electronic V bed machine like a Passap than on the standard punchcard/electronic portable flatbeds with a ribber attachment. Though IMO, that takes most of the fun out of it.

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All Fair Isles are Jacquards, but all jacquards are not Fair Isles! Take a look at this link

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