Fair Isle technique vids/pics?

Does anybody have any links to videos/picture instructions of one-handed fair isle/stranded knitting? I’m getting a little tired of the two-handed, English is just really uncomfortable for me. I’ve mostly sorted out doing it with both colors in my left hand (one wrapped around index, one around middle), but I’m having some awkward tension issues. I’d love to be able to sort that out, thanks!

(All I’ve been able to find is Eunny’s blog post about her baby sweater, but I swear I’ve seen others…)

There is a video demonstration on this website under Videos: Advanced Techniques - below is the direct link.


The video is under the heading How to Knit with 2 Colors at a Time: Stranding Method. The Stranding method was formerly referred to as “Fair Isle” method on this site.

Sorry HamaLee, I just re-read your post and realized you said one handed continental. :frowning:
The video on here shows 2 handed mostly but I think she does show you a quick demonstration of holding the yarn in one hand continental style.

Thanks, yeah I had already checked out Amy’s but I’m looking for a more in depth version of one-handed. It’s driving me crazy cuz I KNOW I’ve seen one before! I make myself crazy sometimes.

I was wondering the same thing - I just finished up my first striped project (a scarf) and want to tackle Fair Isle once I finish a pair of baby booties (number one is about half done). Am wondering if I am coordinated enough to do 2 handed Continental…hahaha! :aww:

Check out Stitch-n-Bitch book (her first one)she has a very nice explanation (with illlustrations) on how to "pick up and twist) with more than one color,using “english/throw” method…I tried it, and it does slow me down, but it eliminated the twisted yarn thing…Cheley

I don’t know if this is something you would like. It goes on your finger and you thread the yarn on it. I think that Knit Picks has it. If this is not what you meant I will give you my oops that is not what I want.:pout: So good luck on finding a video.:thumbsup:

I have been fair isle knitting will one hand but picking up each color each time. I am an English knitter, for the life of me I can not hold the yarn in my left hand, I always have major slack and as I am trying grab the yarn for continental I drop stitches.

OMG it is bad, so I am drop, pick up drop pick up. SLOW PROCESS!!

I think I have to do a swath project just in CONTINENTAL knitting. :rofl: This project will be ugly.