Fair Isle socks?

Hey everyone! I want to try my hand at some gorgeous fair isle socks and am having trouble finding a pattern. I just need them to be pretty, and probably no more than three or so colors. I do like the really traditional fair isle patterns, though I might probably do it in really bright colors (my LYS just recently got Cascade Fixation and has a 25% off everything sale tomorrow) but I also like less traditional looking fair isle. Pretty much up for anything, as long as it’s awesome color work on socks! I may end up just doing some fair isle charts on a basic sock pattern, but I’m interested in a real FI sock pattern if I can find it. Any ideas?

As it’s Cascade Fixation, do you think that I could use this basic pattern: DK socks and just pick a Fair Isle chart to knit around the leg of the sock?

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but here’s a start. I actually found a lot of others, but they weren’t free patterns. :shrug: