Fair Isle Skull hat and a couple WIP's

Well, Here is the skull hat I have been working on for my husband. I “designed” it myself. Hardly designing, I hijacked the skull design from the let there be pirates hat. Anyway, I never knit with sport weight on size 2’s before and i started my decreases too early. The hat is too short! I think I will have to frog back and make it longer. Anyone ever frogged frog tree alpaca before! It kind of felts up as you go, not sure if I will be able to get it apart and get ALL 128 STITCHES on a needle!

The other photos are of a sweater with sleeves that just keep not getting longer (knitting pure & simple pattern in KP Shine) and the beginning of Eris which I think is totally cool, in Karabella Aurora 8.

That hat is so cool! And your other works in progress look great too! Wonderful work! :cheering:

Wow, love the hat, very cool! And the sweater! :cheering: :cheering:

What is Eris going to be? The cables look gorgeous.

Thanks so much!

Eris is a sweater, found here:

I am making the pullover but might try the cardigan after if the pullover goes okay and I am not too afraid of a zipper!

There is a KAL, but unfortunately not a lot of participation. I may be the only one who has started, not sure.

Awesome~!! :notworthy:

Laura those are all very very awesome!!!

Hey Laura

Iam still knitting Eris, I thought the thread had died too.

Iam working on the body and its going very slow, just miles and miles of grey wool…lol

Oh good, someone is still doing Eris! I am loving the cables and really proud of myself that I can actually do it! I have made some mistakes but I don’t think they show too much - some of my make 1’s left little holes as I think I forgot which loop to purl into. I am learning a ton from this project for sure.

I am dreading the miles of stockinette a little, too!

I really got through the cable fast, Then picked up the body. Be sure to mark those stiches it calls for with a good secure saftey pin or something, cause you really need them during the body part, I learned the hard way when my plastic split circle marker fell out…ugh…

I love the red sweater. What pattern did you use for it?

That hat is totally cool :heart: and the sweaters look really nice-where did you get the pattern for the blue one?


The red sweater is a knitting pure and simple pattern - Pattern #257 at the bottom of this page:


The blue one is called eris and the link is in the thread above, girlfromauntie.com