Fair Isle Scarf

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find a pattern for a fair isle scarf? I’m heading to the knitting store on thursday.

Unless you are knitting in the round and making the scarf a tube you will have a very one sided scarf. The back side of fair isle is strands of yarn because the colors are carried across the work. For that reason you don’t see as many fair isle scarves. Are you planning to make a tube?

I did find these, but I’m not sure how they are knit.

Scarf Style has one called Fair Isle Jazz
Knitty 2007 has one called Fair Isle Rapids

I didn’t find any free patterns, though there are books that have them.

Remember that you’ll have to knit a tube scarf in the round, or the back will look messy.

Here are some charts that you might be able to adapt to a scarf, since you have liberty with how many stitches you want it to be.