Fair Isle + Ripple Stitch Troubles

Hiya. I’m trying to knit a piece with coloured ripples. I’m using the Fair Isle technique to knit the ripples in a different colour, but it just seems to fail and end up looking wrong. Is it not possible to use these two techniques at the same time or am I just doing something wrong? :s

Thank you!

I’m not sure I understand what you’re doing. Do you have a link to the pattern? What is the name of the pattern?

Normally for a ripple pattern you just make stripes which doesn’t involve fair isle.

Uuuuuh this might sound silly but it’s not really a proper pattern per se, just something I made up :p. I’m just knitting a flat hat with coloured ripples. And by ripple stitch I meant this:

So I’ve tried purling in my contrast colour so my “ripples” would be in a different colour except it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong really :s. I think it might be because I’m knitting in one colour and purling in another so when I come to knit a new row it just messes up?

Sorry if I’m a bit unclear. Still not too familiar with all the technical knitting terms but I appreciate the help! Thanks a lot :smiley:

Very nice stitch pattern. It sounds like the problem comes up because you’re not only changing colors, you’re changing from knit to purl and vice verse. If you start with knit sts in color one, you need to bring the yarn in color two to the front to purl and cross it over the first color. After the purl stitch, you need to bring the yarn to the back, cross color one over color two and knit with color one.
You might try doing all knit stitches with the color changes just to get used to crossing the colors in fair isle if you’re new to it. There’s also a video on the Advanced Techs part of the Free Videos that shows all knit fair isle and will give you a better idea of how to cross yarns.

A knit or purl stitch has two sides, one side has a purl bump the other looks like a v which are the knit stitches. When you change colors, regardless of how you do it, it will show. Changing on the front makes it only show on the back. It may show on the ridge though.

If you want one whole stripe Ina different color you stripe not fair isle. Fair isle creates fancy patterns. Check the video under advanced techniques see if that’s what you want.

Ah I see! Thanks a lot!

I eventually just gave up because I was getting too frustrated. Decided to just take the easy way out and knit ordinary stripes instead of raised “ripples”. Thanks a lot guys again for the help!

Oh and here’s a picture I got round to taking. Thought I should have something to show for all the time I spent asking questions only to just give up entirely haha…

Well, the hat certainly turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for posting the photo. Your questions are always welcome here.


:heart: the hat!

Sometimes asking questions helps me figure out to let something wait and simmer on the back burner while I work on another project. I’m sure you’ve learned something.

Hehe! Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments. :slight_smile:

And you’re totally right GrumpyGramma! I’ve been knitting my first pair of socks on DPN’s and this hat is exactly what I needed to get back on the frustration of using DPN’s for the first time haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

As frustrating as that was, you sure got a cute hat out of it!

Yeah, stick this idea on the back burner and maybe try it again later. I have ideas spinning around in my head that will some day see the light of day (and knitting needles)–just as soon as I figure out how to make them work. That’s part of the fun of crafting–trying to figure out how to do something you’ve dreamed up (at least, I think it’s fun).

At any rate, you’ve got an adorable hat to show for your hard work. [U]That[/U] doesn’t always happen, so pat yourself on the back!

Socks? I love socks! I have 2 pair otn right now and a hat. I use magic loop instead of dpns though. Have fun!

Aww haha thanks again guys! :smiley: Such a lovely, supportive bunch! :heart:

And ya, I’ve used magic loop before and found it a lot more comfortable than DPN’s, but I wanna give them a chance anyways haha! I think the problem might be that the sock yarn’s so thin and I’m not used to knitting with so thin a yarn but there’s a first time for everything!

Getting used to skinny needles and finer yarn does take some time. Now I love using the thin yarns and toothpick/skewer needles…until I need tink, then it’s a little more frustrating. My first real experience with DPNs was using size 000 for sock tops. Once I got going on the rib it wasn’t bad. I’ll use DPNs when I really need to but if I can use magic loop, that’s my first choice.

I just came across this pattern and thought of this thread. Maybe it will help you figure it out.

How very Missoni-looking, but you’re right: That there is a zig-zag pattern in stripes! Nifty-sifty!

Wow! I guess it is. I had to google Missoni to find out what you meant!

I wouldn’t have known what it was either except that this dress appeared in one of my crochet magazines several years ago.