Fair isle questions

Hi there,

I’m in the middle of making this bag and have a couple of questions I was hoping someone would be kind enough to answer:

1.) I’ve done the last row of the body of the bag and it says ‘bind off al stitches.’ Do I bind them off in the brown color or do I bind off corresponding to the last color from the row before? I’ll be picking up those stiches later for the upper edge of the bag.

2.) I’m going to need to block the bag because it’s a little rippley looking. Should I block it before or after the duplicate stiches?..or does it matter?


  1. If you have to pick up those stitches to continue the work it depends on whether the added work is also fair isle or a solid color. If fair isle I’d bind it off using the same colors so as to maintain the pattern.

  2. I’d do the duplicate stitches before blocking.

One added thought, if you are going to pick up those stitches later to continue the work perhaps you can simply slip them to a holder instead of binding them off. Not sure on that one as I am not familiar with the pattern or the desired effect.

Thank you so much!

The bag in Kristen’s Favorite Carry All from Interweave if that helps.

The rim of the bag is a solid color different from the 2 I’ve been working with, so maybe I’ll bind off in the darker one and then go from there. ?

The bag requires steeking so I think that means I can’t keep the stiches on a holder (unfortunately - since I don’t know how to pick up stitches and will have to visit my yarn shop to ask).

Thanks so, so much!

Yeah, just bind it off in the solid color then.

Picking up stitches isn’t hard. Check out the videos section here at KH.