Fair Isle problem

I am at the yoke of a fair isle sweater. The chart is an 8 stitch repeat.
on the 10th row it shows 4stitches then a blank then 3 stitches. on the
15th. row it shows 3 stitches then 2 blanks then3 stitches. What do I do on the blanks. Do I knit two together? I started with 200 stitches and have to get to 75. Knitting two together seems to be the logical thing but several people have looked at this and are totally confused. Can you help


Is there anyway to post a link to the pattern? What book is it in? I have several Fair Isle books.

Usually with charts, there is a symbol when to decrease, or they at least tell you when to.

A blank in the chart means there’s no longer a stitch there. They leave a blank spot just to keep the chart square. My guess is that you should have decreased on the previous row, and therefore the stitch that the blank represents is now gone.

I’d reread the pattern instructions and see if they tell you do decrease every X rows, or if there’s something on the chart key to tell you. I can’t imagine that a pattern has you guess when and how to decrease.

regarding the fair isle problem that I am having. The book that I am using is Bernat Best Friends (small paperback) page 10 is chart II
which I am having a problem with. Can anyone help?

I don’t have that book.

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