Fair Isle problem

Hi my pattern chart says main colour knit one row when I go to start the purl row with the three yarns they are all at the wrong side of the knitting needle - do I cut them and rejoin them so I can purl. Grateful for any help

That’s unusual for a fair isle pattern. Is it to be knit in the round?
What is the name of your pattern?

Hi, thanks for responding. The pattern is a Sirdar no: 10129. It is a flat knit. On the chart I finished row 6 purl and row 7 was one col and a knit row but when I came to row 8 all my coloured yarns were not at the beginning of the purl row. Hope this makes sense to you.

Well, you could cut the yarn or you could use the yarn which is sitting at the beginning of a knit row and knit across to the end of row. Then all 4 yarns would be on one side. This’ll work now and then but not as a general rule. It helps to be on a circular needle for this.

Hi thanks for your input - I decided to cut yarn and rejoin on the correct end. I cannot believe this is the correct way and it is supposed to be knitted on the flat. I will get in touch with Sirdar. Thanks again for your help.

When knitting flat you do not need to cut and rejoin, unless you want. There are two possible scenarios in this case and I do not know which one is yours. If it is scenario 1, then I would never cut and join. In scenario 2, it might be considered as an alternative.

Scenario 1:
Row 1: main color
Row 2: color 2 and color 3

Scenario 2:
Row 1: main color
Row 2: mail color, color 2 and color 3

The easier one is Scenario 1. You first knit with main color. Now the main color is on the left side. Then you (without turning the work) knit with color 2 and color 3. Now all 3 colors are on the same left side. After this you do the first purl row.

Scenario 2 is a bit more complicated: you first knit row 1 in main color. Then again without turning the work you knit all stitches that should be with color 2 or color 3, slipping (with both yarn back) those stitches that are supposed to be main color. After that you can turn the work and you purl back with main color, slipping (with yarn in front) those stitches you previously knitted.

Hi thanks so much for your help. Have heard back from Sirdar and they say I should cut the yarn and rejoin to enable to continue. Would love to hear from anyone who has done this previously.

Take care
Regards Jan

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One of my first stranded projects was a baby pullover which had steeks at the armholes. I hadn’t done steeks before and decided to avoid them by knitting in the round up to the armholes then knitting back and forth. My yarn was almost never in the right place. I had more ends from cutting the yarn than I had ever imagined but I learned to steek pretty quickly after that!

With any luck this will be the only time you need to do this on the pattern. Thanks for reporting back.

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