Fair Isle Pattern Request

Hi, all! I’m new here and thought I’d introduce myself and ask a question. I have been knitting for about three years now and thought I’d move on to more challenging patterns, so I’ve decided to try a fair isle pattern. Does anyone know of a good book or website where I can find a simple fair isle pattern to get my feet wet? :smiley:


Here are some free ones you can go through. Fair Isles are my first love and I have several sweater books, so when you’re ready to dive into a larger project . . . . .

I’ve been reading “Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified” by Ann & Eugene Bourgeois, and I really like it. I’m almost ready to try, I think…it has some really beautiful patterns in it, and pretty non-scary steek directions. I recommend checking your library for it!

Thats the Philosopher’s Wool book, right? I would definitely recommend it, too. Of the Fair Isle books, I think these are the easiest, and they use worsted weight wool rather than the thin jumper weight, which is very thin. I made a sweater from Encore that I had already, and it came out fine. Washable and dryable, too. They’re yarns are gorgeous, but it bothers me that he says they stretch about 2 inches after the first washing.

Yup, that’s the one. :smiley:

That’s cutting a piece knitted in the round? :?:

Yep…Ing a Ling or some of these other girls around here that have done some steeking can fill u in on more details there, I’ve not yet…steeked!
Nice to meet you and :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: happy that you joined this crazy group of knitters :wink:

Steeks are extra stitches you knit in place of the armhole that can be cut later when you knit a sweater in the round. They can be used for the front of a cardigan as well as the neck of a sweater, too.

I did a demo on this thread a while back.