Fair Isle or Duplicate Stitch?


I would like some opinions on this please.

I am knitting a large throw for my daughter with patterns and shapes. One of the squares I would like to add ‘One Direction’.

Should I knit this in Fair Isle (using two colours only) or would it be neater to use duplicate stitch?

Many Thanks

Are you knitting blocks or all one piece? If they are squares that you seam together fair isle would be okay, but if it’s all one piece I’d stick to duplicate stitch.

I am knitting it in lengths of 4 blocks, then sewing the lengths together. Some of the letters in the One Direction are 10 stitches apart and some are close together. I am a bit of a neat freak and I am a little worried that the Fair Isle will look untidy at the back of the work. I’ve probably answered by own question but I was just wondering what other users would choose to do.


It will be untidy. You really can’t avoid that with fair isle due to the floats. You can catch the floats every so often, but it all will show. That’s one reason it’s often done for circular projects like a pullover.

I have never used duplicate stitch before. Will this look neater from the back?

Sorry for being stupid but I have only ever knit with one color before. :slight_smile:

not stupid at all, you could use a bobbin w/ the yarn or dup st either would look neater

It may show some yes. There’s no way to really avoid this unless you line it. And that is a whole other issue. :teehee:

Well, now you come to mention it I had thought of knitting some sort of backing, which would make it thicker and warmer, but wasn’t sure if that was possible.

It is, but for a large heavy blanket I don’t think it’s so easy. Knitting stretches and fabric doesn’t. You could tack it on the out side and then tack it every 10" in squares or tie it like a quilt maybe. :shrug:

or you could use fleece, that has quite a bit of give to it

How would one do a knitted backing for it?