Fair Isle Knitting

I just bought a sweater pattern that involves Fair Isle Knitting (pattern around sweater bottom and sleeve cuffs).

I read the directions and I think I understand how to do the different colors. I also plan to watch the instructional video on this site.

I have a question. This pattern instructs you to cast on 90 stitches. Wont I have 91 stitches after I cast the new color onto the needle? Is that OK?

Can you elaborate? I’m not sure exactly what you mean because if cast on 90 why would you have 91?:think:


If I cast on 90 stitches with the main color (blue). When the pattern tells me to start knitting with the first contrast color (raspberry), I will have to knit that color onto the needle (like adding a new ball of yarn).

I just answered my own question! A new stitch is not added when you add a new ball, so I’m sure it isn’t added when you add the new color!

I just had a “DUH!” moment!!

You’re right. Asking the question often gives you the answer!


We’ve all been there! Be sure to share the pictures as you go along or when you’re done! I love fair isle!