Fair Isle knitting

Hi. I’ve just started knitting again after a lo-o-o-ong lapse and now want to try a fair isle pattern. Can anyone give me hints on how to weave in the long strands of the non-working yarn on the back side? Any on-line videos available or can you suggest any good books? I thought it would be easy to figure out - not so easy.

Thanks for you help. I’m very glad to have found this site.


PS - Any other fair isle techniques also welcome.

Check out this video on two handed fair isle knitting and it also shows how to weave as you go for long floats. You need to use IE to view it.

Thank you - that video was very helpful; however, the last stitch demonstrated was very complex and she never said what it was called or where it would be used. Are you familiar with it?

Thanks again.

The fourth stitch seems complicated, but once you’ve done it a couple times and actually go through the motions yourself, it makes much more sense and doesn’t seem nearly as complicated.

Remember how the third stitch she taught was basically just using the right hand color and weaving in the left hand color? The fourth stitch is just the opposite - you’re knitting with the left hand color and weaving in the right hand color. It just takes a little bit more maneuvering, but it’s still just a knit with one color, weaving the back color in. So you’d use it when you’re done several of the left hand color in a row, to prevent a long, unwoven section of yarn on the WS of the piece.

Hope that helps, good luck!!