Fair isle knitting

Ok, I decided to do this pattern: [COLOR=#e88787]http://throughtheloops.typepad.com/Mirelle.pdf[/COLOR]

I’m on the portion that reads, “Switch to colors A and B […] 5 more times.”

I have no idea what do here; I don’t even know how to insert new colors. :scratchinghead:

I need your help please! :shifty:

Thank you!

I answered your PM, but anyone who can help or has done this please feel free to help. I’ve not done the ribbing like that before.

After you knit the first few rounds in the one color, then you start knitting with the next two colors. You’ll just start knitting with them and can weave ends later.

Knit with A, purl with B. Before you knit the next stitch with A, you have to bring B to the back. Knit with A again, then bring your B forward, purl, put back. . etc.

Do this for 5 rounds.

I’ve never combined colors before, much less one color.

How do I “just start knitting with them and […] weave [the] ends later?”

I think that’s what I’m having trouble with. Jan in CA has been helpful with her advise and links, but all the videos I’ve seen demonstrate the Fair Isle technique in an-almost-finished product form, not a starting point.

Here’s what I do. I have the old color on the needle. Drop that, knit a stitch with A, drop that. Purl a stitch with B, put the yarn to the back and drop it.

Now knit the next A stitch with the main strand AND tail of A. It will make a double loop this time, but you’ll knit it as one next time and you won’t notice.

Drop A, bring B and it’s tail forward, and purl the next stitch with both, and bring the yarn to the back.

When you get around to the beginning of the round, put your two colors under the strand hanging down the back before you use them again. This will help secure that and twist it. You can even twist it a few times and give it a tug to tighten up the last stitch you made with it.

oh ya, I forgot to mention that my A color is also my C color…so how does this alter things?

It changes the color.:rofling: Sorry!:teehee:

Just knit the first rounds as the pattern says, then when you get to the ribbing, you won’t have to worry about securing that color by knitting it with the tail.

Just knit your first stitch, purl with the other color, knit, purl with the strand and the tail together, k, p, k, p. . .

Just make sure you bring the yarn to the back after the purl before you do the knit.

I think I have it down…well, we’ll see :lol: