Fair Isle Knitting

Hi, I haven’t been on for some time now. I hope someone can help me. I am trying to make a hat with a pattern strip in it. It is first row c.c. next row 1st m.c.2st c.c. all around, next row c.c. I am having problems with it not matching up when I join the strip together. It doesn’t show at first but after I’ve knit on for a while I see it looks bad.
I hope I’ve explained myself well enough.


Ahh, it’s the jog that’s throwing the row off. Where one row ends and the other begins, the rows don’t match, right?

You can try the jogless jog. I’ve had mixed success with it, but that’s more my fault than the technique, I think!

Here’s some info on how to do it: jogless jog

I’ve had good luck with the jogless jog Angelia mentioned. That website is where I learned.