Fair Isle knitting

Ok… a post below is what made me think of the beautiful sweater. Has anyone ever tried it? How hard do you think this would be?? I just love it but I haven’t been knitting long and don’t know if I would get frustrated fast :thinking: thanks ladies


I don’t think Fair Isle knitting is as hard as the end results make it appear to be. The yarn is thin and there are about 7 stitches to the inch, so it is time comsuming.

I think before I’d tackle that particular sweater as my first Fair Isle project, I’d go with something with less colors so you can learn to read the charts and get an even tension with the yarns.

There are lots of simpler patterns out there, and the Philosopher’s Wool Company has patterns that use worsted weight. Don’t give up on the idea of Fair Isle at all–as I said it’s not that hard. I just think that that particular sweater might be a bit much for a first time project.

Oh, Ingrid!

I’ve just been to the Philosopher’s Wool Company website! Such colorways! Oh my goodness, oh my, I’m speechless!

Their colors are beautiful, aren’t they? One heads-up, though. I’ve never ordered their yarn because they say that after you wash your sweater for the first time, it can ‘grow’ up to two inches after all the natural oils come out of the yarn. I didn’t want that. I did make one of their sweaters with Encore, though. Now THAT washes right up! :wink:

Thanks for the heads-up! I’m still tempted by the shawls, though; growth wouldn’t be a problem there.

I enjoy working with----and washing----Encore, too!

Hi! I ordered this because I love fair isle but thought this would go faster than a full sweater.

The vest is great! Have you started it yet?