Fair Isle knitting questions

I think I’m ready to try my hand at Fair Isle knitting! I’ve always loved the look of it, and now I want to try to do that on my own!

I’ve watched the video and it looks pretty simple, really. Just carry both colours along as I knit.

But what I don’t get is:

If I’m carrying both yarns along, knitting one of CA, then one of CB, etc…won’t CA or CB show up where I don’t want them to show up? Does that make sense?

Also, how do I make the colour I want to show up…show up?

Maybe I’m not understanding the video correctly?

Watch this video and do the little project. It helps a lot with all the little ins and outs of stranded knitting. You need IE to see it.

I don’t have IE. :frowning:

Is there another site I can go to?

Thanks, Jan.

They changed it now so you should be able to see it

I can see it! Thanks so much! :slight_smile: