Fair Isle knitting Question


I was referring to this video which explains how to carry the stitches behind your work while knitting the Fair isle way.


The video uses circular needles and only knit stitches are explained. I am however using straight needles which means if I am working a Stockinette stitch, I have to knit a row and purl the other row. Need help figuring out how to carry the other colored thread while I am purling.


When you’re purling, just carry the yarn in front, one above the other so you don’t end up with a bunch of twists in your yarn. Purl with the one color and bring the next one up under it and purl with that one. Make sure if you’re working from a chart that you read it from left to right for the purl rows.

Amy’s video on fair isle (advanced techniques) is really good and she shows you on straight needles - both knit row and purl row.