Fair isle kniting

Question what kind of cast on do I use to do fair isle kniting

Any cast on you want or that the pattern specifies.


I am working on a scarf that has two colors so I knitted one row with black then row two has knit one black then knit 19 with red then knit 6 with black then knit 21 with red then knit one with black so I really don’t what to keep cutting the yarn so I want carry the yarn thew out my work if anyone can help please I need to have it done by this Saturday I need the help ASAP

I really need help please I need this scarf by Saturday

Catching Floats in Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting

HTH and best of luck in meeting your deadline.

This is one of the patterns

I think intarsia would be better than fair isle. You will want to make little balls of yarn for each section. When you come to the new color you drop the old wrap the yarn around each other and continue with the new color.

I’m I carring the yarn right

It’s a little hard to tell but it looks right. Usually you only have to catch the floats every 3-4sts (for a scarf, maybe every 3).