Fair Isle Infant Sweater & Hat

Recently created a Fair Isle infant sweater & hat. Please view.

How cute! Beautiful work!

that looks really great


:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: It looks wonderful!

Beautiful! :cheering:

Beautiful! :cheering:

:heart: :heart: :heart: Soooo Cute!

Wow. That is really lovely. You did a great job.

Fabulous work! It’s beautiful!

Beautiful! Who’s the special little person who gets this?

I love it! :heart:

Awww I :heart: it makes me want a baby lol.

You did such a good job on it.

Brilliant job! That’s one lucky kid who gets to wear such a beautiful outfit.

Hi knit-errant,Lieke,nonny2t,sara_jayne,earthchick,
Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments.
I made the sweater and hat for my 2 months old cute little daughter.

AWWW! Now that is just darn CUTE! :muah:

That is wonderful! :heart:


wow! those are beautiful! :heart: