Fair Isle help please?

I used fair isle to knit some trees into my christmas stocking. It came out looking bumpy. Did I do something wrong or is this normal. I used the “Philosphers” style of weaving in the colors that are not being used so that there were no floats. With my christmas stockings I wanted to make sure nothing would be getting constantly snagged when being put into the stocking. But should I use some floats? Is there anyway to make no bumps without having floats? Or am I just naive? :teehee:
Any tips?
Here’s a picture…

There shouldn’t be any bumps. :think: It’s possible that you did the carrying method incorrectly.

You can leave short floats without worrying about catching, especially if you use wool since they’ll kind of felt to the back over time. Even with acrylic, the floats themselves can be short enough and snug enough not to be a problem, especially with a Christmas stocking since it only gets used once a year. :shrug:

You could get away with catching the yarn every inch or so. When you catch the yarn, insert the needle as if to knit; bring the yarn being carried up over the right tip from back to front (make sure it comes under the yarn in use); wrap the stitch with the yarn in use; remove the first yarn. This should catch without showing on the front.

It’s hard to explain clearly how to do it–easier seen than said, I guess.

I don’t think your bumps look bad, btw. A bit of texture.

Since the bumps are so even it makes me wonder if you’re carrying it incorrectly, too. As Ingrid says tough they really don’t look bad because overall it looks like it’s laying flat. Pulling the floats too tight can create a lumpy look and it doesn’t have that.