Fair Isle hat.*Now with pattern!*

I’ve been wanting to try fair isle for awhile, and I finally tried it! :happydance: It’s my own design for it. I used size US 10 needles, with a chunky weight yarn. I can’t wait to start another! :teehee:

If you are wondering what the little pattern is, it’s the pac-man ghosts.

Jenelle!! You did a wonderful job! Congrats! :cheering: :cheering:

Looks really good! :inlove: I’d say an excellent first try. I’d love to try it too but no idea where to start :shrug:


That’s really cool! Great job!

Great job! :yay:

Most excellent job :yay: WTG :blooby:

Great job!

Great job!

Ohh… it’s soooo very gorgeous! Do you think you can post the pattern? My nephew would flip if I knit the hat for him - he was a pac man addict when he was small.

That is awesome! You are very talented!

jenelle! i love it so much and im in awe that you just jumped in and made your own pattern. :cheering: :cheering: the pac men ghosts are cute

That hat is awesome, Jenelle!!

That looks fabulous!

Great job!

Oh man… does that hat take me back… about 25 years!

Mama Bear

Love it!! Congrats on your first fair isle project!! :cheering: :cheering:

Very cool! It came out great!


I still haven’t braved fairisle knitting yet :oo:

Thank you everyone for the compliments! :smiley:

I was thinking about coming up with a pattern, since it was so easy. I’ll come up with it tonight and post it here. :slight_smile:

I recognized the ghosts before I even read what they were! Too cute! :yay:

Jenelle! That is sooo cute! You are so talented! I knew exactly what they were!

My son loves it too!