Fair Isle, felting, and Xmas stockings

I think I’ve lost my mind…I have a sweater that I’m half way through the back, but it’s k4p4 ribbing, and well, booooring. I have a cable scarf that I’m using as practice to work up to a Lavold sweater, but it’s kinda fiddly and I keep having to tink back a bit, which is a pain with cables, I think…

So I got it into my mind to start a NEW project that’s more challenging than the sweater but less than the scarf. :rollseyes:

I want to make this stocking: http://www.knittingatknoon.com/stockingpatt.html

using this fair isle pattern: http://www.magknits.com/Aug05/alice.htm

and then felt it. And that’s part of my question–do you think that pattern will look ok after felting? I guess just doing it will be a learning experience, and if it doesn’t turn out I’ll add it to the Museum of Bad Ideas and Failed Projects in my closet, but I looove the yarn color and would rather it worked! :wink:

I’d appreciate any advice before I dive in tonight. :XX:

I think it’s worth a shot. You could do a little potholder sized one and see what happens before you invest time in the stocking.