Fair Isle felted tote

I am knitting a felted tote, in the round, that is solid black with one white skull on each side. Unfortunately, I dont have a link to this pattern, but it says to carry the white (for the skulls) loosely accross the back and cut and tie the long ones before felting. Do you suppose (fingers crossed) this means I can just carry the white accross without twisting the two colors when the white is not in use?

You don’t usually have to do any kind of twisting of stitches when knit fair isle if the stitches aren’t carried over 5 stitches. But in a situation where you are going to felt it you may be able to carry the yarn much further and like it says, before you felt it cut the long carried strands and tie them off. If you try to do a lot of fancy twisting so that the back of your work looks good it will probably produce bad results when felted. The twists will felt too and could cause unwanted puckering.

If you are doing an itarsia like design you probably still need to pick the new color up from underneath the other color to prevent holes though. Some call that a twist.

Ugh. I wish I had posted this sooner. I twisted them every 3 or 5 for the first half, and then carried them much further the second half. The shaping came out looking more like something with an empire waist. lol.