Fair Isle dog sweater question

I started making this for my dog (a Coton de Tulear) and I was making the S size because her chest measurement is in that range. However, it seemed like it was going to be a little tighter than I’d like it to be so I frogged it and am starting over.

My question is this… The next size up would be too large so can I just add one repeat to the pattern and have it work okay? Instead of 108 I want to have 96 which I think would work. I’ve not done a lot of fair isle so I want to make sure before I get too far. I know I’d have to wing the legs, but that’s okay.

Thanks for any help!

Jan just go a needle size bigger

The fabric is perfect now and would be too open if I went to a 5. When I do fair isle it tends to be looser as it is.

Surely someone has adjusted a fair isle pattern before… :??

well, I’m hardly a fair isle knitter, but since the chart is 12 stitches wide, it sounds logical that you can add/subtract in multiples of 12. And you already know you’ll need to fiddle w/where you put the legs.

But that seems so obvious to even me, that I figure I’m missing something, probably since I’m not a fair isle person. :aww:

Fair Isle is actually really fun…it’s fun to watch the pattern develop and it’s not hard to do, but you do have to be careful you don’t strand too tightly.

I think I’ll just give it a try. It’s a pain to frog fair isle so I hope that it won’t be needed this time. :thumbsup:

What a cute sweater! I don’t have an answer for you, but the next time you make a sweater you might want to consider purchasing this booklet:


You can actually custom-make the sweater to fit your dog! The sizes aren’t just small, medium and large, but start at size 1 (9" chest measurement) and go all the way up to size 12 (30" chest measurement) so it seems to me it would be more of a custom-fit for your dog. You measure around the neck and behind the front legs to determine the dog’s size. The pattern has a corresponding size chart next to it, so when you come to a blank which is usually a cast on, increase or decrease, you just look directly to the right hand side, find your dogs size and fill in the blanks. It’s really easy. I just got done making the red one for my daughter’s schnauzer. I’ve only made one dog sweater in my lifetime so I’m not an expert, but just really enjoyed working out of this book.

Good luck on the sweater,