Fair isle carry colour too tight help

I am knitting first time with fair isle knitting.

I was knitting one row of one colour so I looked up how to carry the other colour while not in use and I joined it to the main colour every 6 stitches. I thought it wasn’t too tight until my project had gotten bigger I realize it’s definitely too tight!

How can I make it looser? Can I just cut the carry over yarn and tie it to my work and weave it in? It won’t look as nice from the back but at least it won’t be tight?

What’s the best way (not going back I have gone too far)

I’m not sure how you can fix it. When I looked it up this is what I found

Carry the strands of unused color LOOSELY in the back of the project. Loose stitches or strands can be tightened but it is virtually impossible to loosen stitches that are too tight and they will cause unsightly puckering on the right side of your project and may even affect the fit.

You may have to just cut it and start new on the next row.

Let us know how it works out for you :grinning:

Are you knitting in the round or flat? Can you tell us the name of the pattern and provide a link please.

In the future, stretch your knitting on the right hand needle every 5 - 10 stitches or so, this will prevent your floats getting to tight.

If you’re knitting in the round, one technique that may help is to knit inside out. See point 4 in the tutorial below.

I guess you could splice in a strand of the carried color depending on the pattern. Even one stitch per row might be enough to relieve the puckering

Can you put a photo up? It may be that when you block your knitting everything will even out and you might get away with it.