I was knitting myself a teacozy and I got to the seaming it up part, just to find out my teapot was 38 oz, instead of 32…(2 pint)

Since this piece is made up on the teapot, I am stuck til I can get one…sigh…I am decidedly upset! :pout:

I should have checked my teapot first…sigh

Awww…that’s too bad! I would totally do something like that.

On the other hand, that teapot cozy is so cute it makes me want to go buy a teapot just so I have a reason to buy the pattern and knit it!!!

Yeh, the mouse lid is adorable.

Oh that is too bad! On the up side, that is the most adorable tea cozy I have ever seen!

Isn’t it though…I was trying not to spend money and I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I though I had a standard teapot, but apparently I don’t. I will now have to spend more money to have a second teapot…Gosh the things we do for our craft!!

That is the cutest teacozy I’ve ever seen.

Couldn’t you just reknit the base of the teapot? Looks like straightforward striping in stockinette with openings for the spout & handle. If the mouse lid, you already knit, is too small. Add a row of single crochet around to make it wider.

it is done in two pieces on the sides, the mouse it built on the top.

In theory it could be ripped all the way back and done again, I would need to add stitches to both sides, and really the mouse could stay the same size…unfortuatly, it isn’t the mouse I was worried about…

The pattern calls for 25 gms of each the white and the blue. I had just under 50 in Sirdar Baby Bamboo (which of course is shorter yardage than what the pattern was calling for) I was just squeaking by. I have enough to safely sew up with some extra, but definatly not to start making the the pattern up again.

This project has actually been the first I haven’t had to go and buy anything for, it was all oddments…

This time, it would have to be new smaller teapot, or bust…

Thanks for the idea though!!

Do you have a 3rd color of the same or similar yarn? could you add another color stripe?

it really is toooo cute!

at this point…it is ready in pieces, just needs to be put together…it really will be easier to get a teapot…smiles

Oh, well - happy shopping then!! :muah:

The pattern is European. Maybe it’s a standard European size whereas you have a standard Canadian size? I know drink containers are different in other parts of the world so maybe teapots are too???