I’m knitting a beautiful Vogue sweater which calls for fagotting on the right and left fronts. The left side looks perfect, but I’ve done and re-done the right side and it still looks awful.

The pattern for the left side is k1, p12, yo, p1(central stitch), yo, ssk. This row sets up the pattern. The next two rows are repeated:

2 sts. before first yo, ssp, drop yo, yo, k1, yo.
work to central stitch, yo, p1, yo, drop yo, ssk.

This is the right side pattern and it does not come out looking like the left side.

k2tog, yo, p1, yo
Repeat next two rows:

2 sts. before lst yo, p2tog, drop yo, yo,k1,yo
2 sts. before central stitich, k2tog, yo, p1, drop yo, yo

I know this is probably way too confusing but if anybody is really good at figuring out what is wrong with the pattern, or what’s wrong with me :0), I would appreciate your help!

Try blocking out what you’ve knit so far, just wet it, squeeze the extra water out and lay flat to dry. Often the combination of the YOs and decs won’t look even, but after washing/blocking they’ll be fine. If you could post a picture we could see if there’s anything off about it, and help you better.

Which issue of Vogue Knitting and which pattern number are you making? Have you checked the online corrections for the pattern? It’s always a good idea with VK.

Without trying it, but just looking at the pattern, it seems like it should be:
2 sts. before lst yo, p2tog, drop yo, yo,k1,yo
work to the central stitch, yo, p1, yo, [B]drop yo[/B],[B] k2tog[/B]