Face Cloth

I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and I would like to make face cloths to give as gifts to my customers. My question is: What brand/type of yard do you suggest that would be soft enough to use on the face? I can knit and crochet, but I am not very educated about the best types of yarns for different projects. I am looking for a yarn that is not too pricey, but will hold up to the washing machine.

I would love to hear your suggestions!

Cotton is the most commonly used, but I think linen makes the most elegant face cloths. Euroflax is my favorite. It feels a bit stiff as you knit it but it softens up after washing.

Hemp is a good choice for a mildly exfoliating cloth.
Bamboo is another possibility.
All can be machine washed.

Facecloths are typically made of cotton, but I sell soap, and one year decided to knit a bunch of facecloths to offer as gift ideas to my customers. I did them in a pure silk, which was a bit pricey, but they sold like hotcakes, for $7 each. I made them about 6 to 8 inches square.

I would use a soft cotton not the type often used for dishcloths (sugar and cream, etc). I actually don’t like that yarn at all even for dishcloths so I use Tahki Cotton Classic. The colors are gorgeous and it makes a nice cloth.

Woodi, did the silk wash well? Can you put in the machine or only wash by hand?

I made some with I Love My Cotton (Hobby Lobby). It’s a really soft cotton that’s about the same price as the sugar and cream line and much softer.

There are also some cotton/iinen blends that are nice, and less expensive than pure linen. KnitPicks has one called Cotlin. Elann also carries a blend, but I don’t remember what it’s called.

if it is intended to be luxurious and intended to be a gift, I vote for silk.
washing lipstick out of silk, on the other hand…