Fabulous New Forum Features! --highly recommend reading! ;)

We’ve improved the software of this forum, and added some GREAT new features!

:arrow: Jump to Page. When you go to a thread that’s got, say 45 pages of posts, you can now go directly to any page you want! (no more page-by-paging!) It looks like this:
Goto page 1, 2, 3 [ ] >> 55, 56, 57 Next
There’s an obvious box between the brackets. Just enter the page number you want in there and hit enter!

:arrow: Save as Draft. If you start to write a post, but don’t have time to finish, you can save it as a draft to finish later! To later FIND and access this draft: Go to the main forum navigation page, and look in the upper right region. Click on “View your drafts and posts”

:arrow: Improved Forum Searching. When you conduct a search of the forum, the default is now to search for posts that include all the terms you’ve entered, and to display the results as individual posts, not as the entire thread containing the posts. These were options before, but they are now the default.

There are few other very minor changes in the works, but the ones above are the biggies. Enjoy!!

Thank you! I noticed the view your drafts and thought I had forgotten to send something I typed! The page finder will come especially in handy when I’m trying to find something. :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering: THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your continued improvements!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Wonderful improvements!

Those are all great contributions to the site Amy. I know that there have been several times that I could have used each one of the features that you mentioned.

Think I’ll go use the new search features to look up something…

Thanks, Amy!

How cool! I know I’m going to especially enjoy that “Jump to page” feature! :cheering:


Amy, you’re so on the ball :thumbsup:
You make things better when I didn’t even realize anything was wrong :figureditout: .

You and your site are wonderful :notworthy:

Keep up the great job :cheering:

:waving: Kelly

Just one minor request. Can we get the dancing pierogi and elephant emoticons? :wink:

Glad y’all enjoy them!

Ingrid, what the heck is a dancing pierogi?! :roflhard:

I’ve made another small improvement that folks might appreciate:

I’ve increased the alloted size of the signature; to better accomodate long things like the Knitter’s Geek Code. :thumbsup:


This is a dancing pierogi!


How about these dancing pierogis?

:roflhard: It’s Ethnic! It’s Bizarre! (for sure) It’s Family Fun! :roflhard:


:shock: No way Kelly, is this some Photoshop trick?

I just found that web site randomly!

There’s a whole thread on her blog about the Pierogi Fest! Really!

That’s too funny!

KellyK, I’m soooooooo behind on your blog thread. I keep wanting to take a peek at current activity, but I’m stubborn and determined to truly “catch up”, which will take me a good hour or 2, at least. :blush:

Love your new avatar BTW!! :heart:

Thanks, Aimola! That’s one of the pics from my recent 10th anniversary date! (Details, of course, are on my blog/life journal!)